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At The Sedoric Group, we focus on the elements of personal finance that impact outcomes.

Planning for Life Events:

The joys and challenges associated with transitional events (marriage, divorce, career change, children, retirement, home purchase and education) are potential risk factors for financial disruption. With a vested interest in our clients’ long-term success, we work diligently to help ensure clients are prepared to meet life’s transitions.

Preparing for Retirement:

How do you envision your life after you stop working? We have a variety of exercises and tools to help the individuals and families we work with bridge financial desires with financial realities. Our process is designed to allow clients to feel more confident as they face this significant transition, despite all the geopolitical and economic turbulence that surrounds them. Retirement or encore careers are not simply a number – but a well thought out plan, executed incrementally over time. To learn more about retirement planning, download our free guide here.

Professional Coordination:

Collaboration, coordination and communication are fundamental in helping to improve client outcomes. We help our clients avoid mistakes by collaborating with their other professionals including tax and legal professionals. We refer to it as your ‘Virtual Family Office.’

Savings Strategies for the Next Generation:

Every generation faces unique financial circumstances, opportunities, and challenges with a diverse set of values. Through education and stewardship, we work to facilitate the next "greatest generation".

Tax Efficient Wealth Creation and Distribution Strategies:

We are passionate about efficient wealth creation and distribution strategies because taxes impact financial outcomes, detract from net returns, and are our greatest lifetime expense. Tax management, not just deferral, helps optimize future outcomes. How you save ultimately affects what you’re able to withdraw. Tax efficient accumulation and distribution of one’s assets are critical to any family’s long term financial strategy.

Multigenerational Engagement and Conveying Family Values:

We foster financial opportunities, avoid dysfunctional dynamics, and help transfer sound financial values across generations. Whether discussing a plan to teach children healthy financial habits or addressing the needs associated with an aging parent or grandparent, we facilitate meaningful conversations to help ensure the people close to you are cared for.

Charitable Planning:

For many, the greatest gift is that of giving back. Charitable intent frequently becomes an important and fulfilling component of one’s comprehensive financial strategy and plan. Our clients are often vested in their communities, and choose to give back in significant or private ways.

Raymond James does not provide tax advice.

Sustainable Investing:

Your investment strategy should be focused on your goals as well as align with your values. We can discuss sustainable investing strategies and adding ESG funds to your portfolio. To learn more about our approach, download our Sustainable Investing guide.

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