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At The Sedoric Group, Our Process Is Designed To Provide Financial Life Management

The Sedoric Group - Our ProcessWhy does Process Matter and How Does It Work?

The success of any process is determined by sequencing and consistency. At The Sedoric Group, we know the variables of your financial life are unique to you. Our passion is determining how they can complement each other most effectively to help you achieve your life’s goals.

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Independent studies by Morningstar1 and Vanguard2 have determined that the value of advice and a comprehensive planning process has the potential to enhance net after-tax returns by as much as 3-4% over time.

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Those that adhere to a process have a higher likelihood of success and are less likely to succumb to behavior biases that can prevent investors and families from reaching their goals.

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We are passionate about collaborating with clients’ tax and legal professionals to construct a ‘virtual family office.’ This collaboration and communication can help to reduce common planning errors.

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We work with families and individuals to address a wide array of multi-generational challenges that have history of interfering with financial success. We help facilitate meaningful conversations to support all family members.

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We find that those who engage in a consistent and sequential process tend to maintain greater financial control, experience less dependency on markets, and achieve a better probability for financial security in the future.

The Investor’s Chief Problem-And Even His Worst Enemy-Is Likely To Be Himself."

-Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

1 Morningstar: Alpha, Beta, and Now…Gamma. David Blanchett & Paul Kaplan, August 2013
2 Vanguard: The Added Value of Financial Advisors. September 2013

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