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Housing Transitions

A Smarter Approach to Buying, Upsizing, or Downsizing Your Home

For nearly a century, our culture has pushed a pro-home ownership narrative, establishing it as the strongest foothold on the climb toward the American dream. One hundred and thirty years of housing data show that home ownership isn’t the growth investment many people believe it to be. Home ownership is the largest lifetime expense for millions of Americans, yet they enter the process with misperceptions and unrealistic expectations.

"Housing Transitions: A Smarter Approach to Buying, Upsizing, or Downsizing Your Home" will answer some of the most common questions we hear from clients, friends and family about buying a home and clear up those misperceptions that can derail a family’s financial goals. Whether you are looking to add space for your growing family or relocate to a new location where you can enjoy your retirement years, this article offers data on housing trends and information that will help you make smart housing decisions.


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