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Brittany Long

Brittany Long

Vice President
Senior Registered Client Administrative Manager
The Sedoric Group 
“We are passionate about serving and educating our clients to be their best financial selves.”

Brittany joined The Sedoric Group in 2016 as a Partner and Financial Consultant. After attending the University of New Hampshire—where she got her degree in Business—she gained industry experience while working at a insurance firm and later at Fidelity Investments. Since then, she’s moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and brought her expertise and unique perspective to The Sedoric Group. Brittany is a loving dog mom to Oliver and an avid traveler, cross-stitcher and movie buff in her free time.

From the very start of her career, Brittany has focused on building meaningful relationships with her clients and has truly embraced the full meaning of being a fiduciary. In her early experience, she received numerous accolades for helping her clients achieve their financial goals. Her minors in Political Science and Sociology at UNH provide her with exceptional skills to aid clients in a multitude of areas. Brittany continues to build her skills and recognition in the financial world through her work with The Sedoric Group. She is our ‘behind the scenes’ specialist and also frequently uses her precise communication skills to assist clients with their administrative needs, including problem solving and strategy implementation.

More about Brittany:

  1. Describe your personality in one sentence?
    I am an ambitious, empathetic, and dedicated individual who loves to make people (including myself) laugh.

  2. What would you be doing if you couldn’t work in finance?
    I would either be a news broadcaster on a nationally syndicated show or would work for a non-profit organization abroad.

  3. What are your wardrobe constants?
    I am known to always wear a watch and love wearing black.

  4. What unknown talent do you possess?
    Many describe me as an old soul – I am quite skilled with cross stitch and am learning to sew.

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