Casey Snyder


Casey Snyder

Financial Consultant, The Sedoric Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

“I strive to educate and empower members of the next 'great' generation by adhering to the same comprehensive approach to personal finance I use with my own family.”

Casey Snyder joined The Sedoric Group of Wells Fargo Advisors as a Financial Consultant in 2015.

Casey began his career in personal finance over 15 years ago with a dual degree in psychology and sociology – two disciplines essential in helping individuals and families manage their financial affairs. Casey worked as a mortgage banker while completing the rigorous seven course CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification curriculum at Boston University. He then joined an international insurance firm in their retirement planning division. In 2008, Casey joined Wells Fargo Advisors as a Financial Advisor.

Casey is enthusiastic about the world of personal finance and the security of his clients. His passion, which you’ll feel if you meet him, stems from the belief that long-term financial security and wellness is created over time and through continuously interconnected financial decisions. He believes money is a tool with which we have all been forced to form a relationship - the better we understand this relationship and its strengths and weaknesses, the more likely we are to achieve our goals.

Casey’s ambition has always been to cultivate a select number of engaged investors and planners by working together to manage the many important aspects of their financial world. The pillars of his comprehensive approach also happen to be his passions: financial education and literacy, investment planning, and financial collaboration - both with his clients as well and their supporting professionals.

Making a difference in clients’ financial lives and witnessing them achieve milestone events creates a profound sense of fulfillment for Casey. It’s his ‘why’.

Outside of the office, Casey enjoys spending his time reading, learning and expanding his knowledge base so he can become a more effective steward and educator. Casey resides in Eliot, Maine with his wife Rhea, their daughter, Cece, and their two Bengals (cats that think they’re dogs). Together, they live a healthy lifestyle, love the outdoors, and cherish life in the Seacoast.

More about Casey:

  1. Describe your personality in one sentence?
    I am pragmatic, impatient, persistent, and big picture thinker.

  2. What would you be doing if you couldn’t work in finance?
    I would teach financial literacy and behavioral finance at the collegiate level.

  3. What are your wardrobe constants?
    Jeans and button downs. I love jeans, and am pleased that they are becoming increasingly common in the workplace.

  4. What unknown talent do you possess?
    I love to cook. As a college student, I discovered I had certain food sensitivities. I learned how to cook as a result and it has been a passion and creative outlet ever since.